2013-2014 Foothill Ranch Kids Foundation
Board of Directors

President – Cynthia Longacre
Vice President – Kristy McLean
– Nara Weyman
Secretary – Marianne Pitterle
Director – Amanda King
Director – Heather Alms
Director – Kelly Regier

Foothill Ranch Kids Foundation welcomes you to the 2013-2014 School Year!

What is the Foothill Ranch Kids Foundation (FRKF)?

FRKF is a non-profit organization established to raise funds to support the needs of Foothill Ranch Elementary (FRE) and its students. Through a broad spectrum of fundraising activities and advocacy efforts, FRKF is focused on responding to the needs of our school and students for items such as educational and enrichment programs, equipment and materials so that FRE can maintain the academic excellence for which it is known.

FRKF’s primary mission is to raise funds to ensure the ongoing quality of education at FRE. This is done by endowing programs and personnel at FRE that have been eliminated by state or district funding. We also partner with corporate donors to invest in the future of FRE, and our community, as it endeavors to become the technological leader in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. 

How have our FRE students benefited from the efforts of FRKF?

This year FRKF increased fundraising efforts on the campus due to the severe state budget cuts that have impacted FRE. FRKF provides a librarian on campus to keep the library open. The Foundation also pays the salary for the computer lab aide, and co-funds the Science Wizard program with the PTA. In addition, FRKF will continue to fund popular educational software titles Brain Pop, Help Me 2 Learn, and Reading Eggs.

Past examples of FRKF contributions include ensuring 20:1 in the primary grades, science lab cabinets, Emergency Earthquake Preparedness equipment and storage shed, E-Club, Destination Imagination (DI), LCD projectors and screens, "Accelerated Reader" software for the library, 4th Grade science kits, a campus supervisor, and partial funding of a language arts aide.

We are very grateful for the support you have shown us for all the children at our school.

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